How we filmed videos for university
What happens between the client's desire "I want an ad" and the activation of the view counter?
Start. Customer expectations
There were three stages in the technical task. The first, of course, is “Film, Film, Film”: four short acting videos in a single creative concept to demonstrate the unique advantages of the university. The target audience recommended by the customer is applicants, students and their parents. Four videos about the university - so cool that they dream of studying in it!

The second stage was relatively simple (for us). We needed a series of 16 bright illustrations in the theme and style of the videos. Said means done.

The third one…was essentially a quality check of the results of stage #1. We needed to promote four brand new videos on YouTube and Instagram. A week was allotted to promote each video, in total it was necessary to jump over 350 000 views.

The task is set, the challenge is accepted!

Training. Concept selection
We made four creative video concepts: "Dream Job", "Experiences", "Run in 60 Seconds" and "Through My Eyes". Scenes and timing, tonality and mood of the video sequence, sound design and graphics were painted for all creatives. We warned about the peculiarities of shooting, preliminarily decided on the locations and the personnel involved. Prepared off-screen remarks and packshots (spectacular ending).

All creatives were tested on a focus group of 10 first-year students. The conditions for its implementation were prepared by the customer, and we processed the results. The dynamic concept of our account manager Nikolai Korolyov "Catch up in 60 seconds" won.

Then, at a meeting with the client, the chosen concept was discussed in detail and finalized taking into account his wishes. For example, the university had to be called strictly "NUST MISiS". Only in this way - and nothing else!
Process. Shooting drive and draft editing
The total running time of the videos was 4 minutes 38 seconds, and it took more than three days to shoot them. What do you think, is it a lot or little?) Especially considering that for a lot of time we just rushed between locations scattered around the city, trying to be in time everywhere and squeeze into tough time windows. The university lives according to its schedule...

Search for actors. Oh it was fun! Whom we just did not shoot. Students who willingly meet us halfway for the sake of new emotions. Friends! Yes, yes, our friends were also filmed in the videos (they are not professional actors). And even crew members! We will not reveal the secrets of who on the screen is who. Let it be a little intrigue.

Editing. And it was not always fun, because our customer turned out to be very strict. Almost all the management of the university, as well as those involved in the filming, actively participated in the discussion. We received a lot of wishes for improvements, but everything is fine! This is the workflow, feedback is the norm of editing.

The final. Promotion Success
A week per video and 350 000 views in total - remember?)

We handed over the finished materials to the customer and started promoting them on the YouTube platform, on VK and Instagram. We made banners, posted videos, targeted the audience, etc. And that's what we got. We jumped - in fact flew over - the bar of 350 000 with a huge margin, exceeding the customer's expectations by more than 1.6 times. Mischief managed)))

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