How to shoot 120 commercials with Bentley and Rolls-Royce?
In the fall, we received a mega-unusual order from an investor, consisting of two parts. First, we worked as marketers and studied the market, then we started shooting videos. And it was... SOMETHING.
How much can you earn from stock videos?
We were approached by a client who wanted to invest in stock videos. We needed to find out how much we could earn on this, and whether it makes any sense to invest in stocks.

Stock sites are services where anyone can post or buy videos and other content. Manufacturers place video clips on them - from historical chronicles to filming of unique buildings and places on the planet. Clients acquire licenses to use videos in their projects.

So how profitable is stock video production? Our research has shown that it is possible to make money on stocks, but...!

Authors who post 10,000 or more videos annually can earn over 66 000 $ a year. The emphasis is on the quality and volume of the video. Any video can accidentally “shoot”. Viral clips can bring up to 26 000 $ and even more. The investor was convinced of the effectiveness of investing in stocks, and we started developing topics.

At the request of the customer, we prepared two references, three options each. One was dedicated to budget animated series with a large number of commercials, the other was focused and expensive to produce.

The budget reference included 2D and 3D character themes, as well as moving balls. The client chose an easy-to-implement 2D animation. It included 30 videos of 3-5 seconds each, the cost of one animation was 26 $. You can see the result on Envato.

The live footage reference also contained three scenes. We offered the options "World of the Future" with atmospheric space landscapes, "Office of the Future" with classic office scenes and "Dear Videos" with Lux class cars.

The customer chose luxury cars. Logical, as such clips will certainly be in demand on stocks. What is easier - to take a license for a video or to find a luxury car for filming?)

Preping stage
We were going to shoot short (10-30 seconds) videos with simple plots: the driver turns on the wipers, the passenger opens the window, etc. A script was prepared for each scene, in total there were about 200 episodes. Separately, lighting schemes were worked out for different angles for the most advantageous display of cars.

Shooting was planned in a pavilion with huge LED screens displaying beautiful daytime backgrounds: a metropolis with skyscrapers and nature with fields. When choosing a studio, we were guided by the presence of an overhead light to get a game of glare on a car, as well as the possibility of a sports car with a low clearance. We also held a casting of actors and picked up clothes.

The input data was as follows: we work with Bentley CONTINENTAL GT III and ROLLS-ROYCE CULLINAN. It was necessary to shoot as many videos as possible in 8 hours. The minimum plan was 100 videos, the maximum plan was 150. We filmed 120 scenes! They worked closely, doing 15 stories per hour.

By the way, we had two calendar plans and shooting scenarios in case of unforeseen circumstances. Which, fortunately, didn't happen.

Editing was simple as it was filmed without experimentation. They just didn't have time! Color correction was also done according to the classics. They considered the idea of ​​painting the scenes in different colors, but still abandoned it. If the buyer subsequently decides to use several clips in one project, then he is unlikely to be delighted with color differences.
How much does luxury car shoot cost
The budget for shooting 120 videos with expensive cars was about 14 900 $, that is, about 124 $ per video. About 10% of this amount was eaten by the purchase of licenses for backgrounds.

Stock platforms carefully check the legal aspects of content purity. We immediately resolved issues with the rights: we agreed with the actors on eternal alienation, received permission from the owners of cars and members of the film crew.

Backgrounds were purchased at the stock under a non-standard license, through communication with the administration. We had to get the rights to recycle them and then commercially use them in other materials. What can't you do while working on a unique order!
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