Do you know how comic book animation is made?
Imagine that the usual chat background changes to a cool comic book with special effects. His characters come to life, and the main character becomes ... you.
Do you like animated snapchat filters?
Imagine that the usual chat background changes to a cool comic book with special effects. His characters come to life, and the main character becomes ... you.

But what is behind this animation? What remains behind the scenes, how long does it take to render a short (less than one minute!) video? Do not know? - We'll tell you now.

What was our task?
As you may have guessed, we received an order for an animated comic. The customer wanted to use it in snapchat, so we, in addition to the video itself, needed to prepare the faces of the characters for masks for users.

The client helped us - he developed the script in advance and picked up a reference, so we had something to build on. We had time for all the work, including full rendering and animation, back to back (only 12 days!), so his preparations turned out to be very useful.
Oh that long preparatory stage
First we drew sketches on paper and made a mood board. We put together the scenes, wrote down the text and frames, placed the accents. They pointed out the features of the animation, emphasized the angles, added timing. We made examples of drawing colors and shapes, as well as poses and bows of characters.

By the way... we forgot to tell you the theme of the comic! And this - for a moment - clothes and lifestyle. It is clear that we carefully selected the design of the room, looking for interesting poses and plans. We drew one pose with the hero and the style of the interior in digital, and handed it over to the customer for approval.

We did not rest on this, we continued to look for cool solutions and coordinate them with the client. Reviewed a bunch of references, rendered 19 shots from scratch. We changed the clothing style of the characters five (!) times. In fact, all this time we have been portraying stylists and dressing up the heroes of the future comics. This stage took us 10 days.
And finally - animation!
12-10=2. That's how many days we have left for the final stage. We were sure that we could handle it, as we have a cool specialist working for us. It is clear that the task is not an easy one, but we were confident in it.

In addition to the animator, the team included an illustrator, an art director, an account director, and at the last stage, a voice-over pro joined. The music was selected in parallel with the coordination of the animation - so that each animated element organically fell into the rhythm.

Two days for full animation is very little. But we made it because we tried really hard and because comics don't need to animate characters. This is one of the most time-consuming tasks, so we were lucky here. Nevertheless, there was a lot of work - from drawing text to special effects such as lightning and smoke from the head. All this had to be done quickly and in the same comic style.
The problem crept up where it was not expected. The customer has already approved everything, there is literally a trifle left - the selection of photographs with suitable emotions. It would seem - what nonsense, there is a sea of ​​stocks with thousands of photos. But you try to find two characters with the same face...

In short, we are tired of looking for stocks. Only the task has not gone away from this, but we have time left ... let's not remember the sad things. Our indispensable employee Ksenia had to be photographed from the right angles and with the right light. So that at the same time the anatomy of the character does not change, the face transmits the necessary emotions for their recognition by the program. During the work even this cannot happen! Moreover, our specialists are ready for a lot to make the client satisfied.

We delivered the video itself and the characters' faces for custom masks on time. The customer liked the result, to be honest, we did too. We love watching comics, but we love making them even more. Only 12 days, 2 people in the team - and here it is, the animated wow result!

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