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Have you seen our video for PlayStation?
We love complex tasks, and in this sense, we were pleased with December. A PlayStation client commissioned a video for the online promotion of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. In 2022, the PS5 version was planned to be released, and viewers needed to be reminded of the exciting search for pirate treasures.
Task and input from the client
The customer suggested the idea for the video. Imagine: game scenes are embodied in reality, the dynamics and spirit of the game is conveyed by a live actor. The viewer does not just watch the advertisement, he is transferred to the action game and immersed in its drive. The concept is really cool, and we "just" had to film it. But we love challenges... and PlayStation! The client pre-selected the location and the hero. The shooting was to take place in an abandoned sanatorium, and the famous tracer was to become its main participant.
Working on the script
At the briefing agreed on the main points - such as a general positive attitude without explosions, chases and other aggression. Filming in the spirit of dynamic adventures! We discussed the storylines, outlined the interaction of the scenario with the game. The final concept of the video looked like this: the hero sits with a console in front of the TV and chooses what to play. He sees an advertisement for a new version of the game "The Way of a Thief", clicks on it and is transferred to the location. Moves along it (spectacular scenes from the game with running and jumping) and looking for a prize on the map.
Preparing for filming
We made a storyboard for the script, prepared the images of the hero. We offered several options for relaxed clothes “in front of the TV” and the main appearance in the game. We worked on accessories, picked up real analogues of gaming equipment - such as a clamshell hook on the hip. The customer chose and approved images for home and drive. There were several feedbacks on the storyboard, and we worked them out quickly. For example, we had to remove a spectacular jump across the abyss, which was not in the real location. So, the Lava Media film crew is ready to shoot!
Change of location
The sanatorium previously selected for shooting was closed for reconstruction in 2010. All this time, the complex was abandoned, but restoration work began right before filming. Together with the customer, we quickly searched for a new location. Of several options, we chose the country house of Gendarmerie Colonel Kvitko, reminiscent of a medieval fortress in miniature. Ideal for treasure hunting!

Bringing the video to perfection
Everything, shooting behind. We edited the video, selected several suitable voice-overs and sent it to the customer. He approved the voice of the one who voiced Deadpool, and suggested several edits for editing. It looked something like this:

  • Let's shorten it a little, by 10-15 seconds.
  • Too many jumps, some can be removed.
  • We leave a run along the roof, and remove it along the beam.
  • A beautiful jump through the window - we leave it, but we need to correct the color scheme.
  • Let the logo appear not immediately, but gradually, in 1-2 seconds.

We made adjustments based on feedback, added voice and music. It turned out cool, we wanted to play Uncharted ourselves!
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