Animation and post-production service
Our studio provides a full cycle of services in animation and computer graphics
  • Motion design
    From massive multi-screen arena systems to
    bite-sized content for social channels, our
    designers, animators, and illustrators take a
    strategic design approach to every project –
    big, small, and everything in between.
  • VFX + Finishing
    Backed by tremendous talent and technical
    horsepower, compositing, digital clean-up,
    and the seamless integration of live-action
    with animation is executed with staggering
    speed and accuracy from our VFX team.
  • Editorial
    Our creative editorial team makes good stories great. They work
    in collaboration with our design, color, audio, and VFX teams to
    meet most any deadline, tackle technical challenges, and
    maintain one creative vision.
Lava Media is 8 years old.
We made more than 800 commercial videos.
We have made an informational explainer, which shows the installation of complex technical equipment.
The process of working on color correction and clean-up in the video
"Their team was flexible with their full-cycle production. From the concept to the very end, we were very happy that Lava Media did most of the things themselves. They didn’t annoy us with questions."
Roman Stikhanov
PR Director, Meizu

"The uniqueness of the agency lies in its high professionalism, which can be easily adjusted to projects of any complexity and format."

Anton Beljkov
PR Head, Vivo
"Videos created by Lava Media have received high engagement from viewers. We are completely satisfied with the agency's services."
Daria Ilinskaya
Recruitment Specialist, Mazars
Our rates per hour
  • Project manager / $13
  • Editor / $30
  • Composer / $35
  • Clean-up / $40
  • Sound designer / $30
  • Colorist / $50
  • Art-director / $70
  • Illustrator / $50
  • Animator / $45
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Georgia, Tbilisi


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